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My Hometown

Posted by Niyamabrata pada Juni 25, 2010

Singaraja is my hometown. I lived in Singaraja, Northern Bali. It’s about 190 km from Denpasar , Bali. Singaraja is the capital city of Buleleng and Buleleng is one of the regency of Bali.

Singaraja is a big city like Denpasar. It has a department store called ‘Hardisk’ and other facilities. Singaraja still has some relics of an old colonial capital. The street is wider than elsewhere in Bali, and someof the old houses set in large gardens.

If we want to go to Singaraja via Denpasar, it takes about 3 hours to drive to Singaraja. There are three main routes. The first is eastern route via Kintamani, taking the stunning active volcano and mountain vistas. The second is western route via Pupuan, through beautiful paddies field, spices and coffee plantations. The last is central route via Bedugul with its famous market called Kuningan and beautiful botanical garden.

beautiful paddies field

Coffee plantations


When I was in Singaraja, 10 years ago, I went around the city when I had a spare time. Singaraja has a beautiful lovely beach with blue water. I liked doing some water sport activities especially diving. It’s quite interesting to see many fish when we were diving. Beside the Lovina beach, there are many other famous places in northern Bali like Tamblingan Lake, Gigit Waterfall, and hot water in Banjar district.

Lovina beach in Buleleng regency

In addition to its natural, Singaraja is also famous for its traditional foods. Like many other places in Indonesia, Singaraja has wide range of traditional foods, made from traditional ingredients. The famous traditional foods made from pork, duck, and chicken. My favorite food is ‘Lawar’. Lawar is very delicious, with chopped of meat, vegetable, spices, and coconut mixed together. Lawar was made during a religious ceremony of Hindu.

Balinese traditional cuisine

That was a little bit about my hometown. Talking about my hometown will never end.


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