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The Most Favorite TV Channel and Program

Posted by Niyamabrata pada Juni 25, 2010

My 4th assignment is at least 100 words.

Talking about TV Channel, there are so many TV channel in the world that we can access easily using special receiver, parabola antenna. TV channel we can access using parabola antenna is only free TV channel, if we want to watch paid TV channel, we have to subscribe to TV channel provider such as Indovision, Telkomvision, Okevision, etc.

In Indonesia, There are several TV channels exist with different kind of programs. Some of these are RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar, Anteve, MetroTV, Trans7, TransTV, Bali TV. These number of TV channels have become bigger in the future because every area has its own TV channel like Bali TV, Bandung TV, and Jakarta News. Every TV channel has different concept of programs. For example, Indosiar is very famous with telenovela programs while MetroTV is known with its news programs like Metro Pagi, Metro Siang, and Metro Malam and also Indonesia News.

Metro TV News ‘Metro Hari Ini”

In my opinion, many of Indonesian TV programs haven’t enough good quality to educate our society and have a bad influence to us especially children. Indosiar with its telenovela which is not good for educating our children and TransTV with its TV show like ‘Empat Mata’. As we know ‘Empat Mata’ has been banned to broadcast by Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI) because of  its  presenter, Tukul Arwana, sometimes spoke unpolitely to the audience and his guest. There are many other examples like that, will always make a big concern to every parent for their children because parents can not always accompany their son or daughter to watch television.

Based on that opinion, Metro TV is my favorite TV channel. MetroTV is Indonesia’s first 24-hour news channel based in West Jakarta. The station was established on November 25, 2000 and now has over 53 transmission sites. Besides the analog broadcasting which is everyday we watch, Metro TV also has digital broadcasting via satellite and Internet so we can watch MetroTV’s program using special receiver and computer. We can access MetroTV via internet on I usually update my knowledge about current issues by watching Metro Pagi and Indonesia News. Metro TV has also headline news every one hour so don’t be afraid to miss the latest news. . I don’t want to waste my time by watching Indonesian telenovela like my parent do in village. Even right now I’m in 505 training squadron dormitory which has no TV access, I can still watch Metro TV via live streaming on the internet. Sometimes I go to 505’s lobby to watch football match as we know this year is  being held world cup championship event.

Oprah Winfrey Show

On Sunday afternoon, I usually spend my time for watching Oprah Winfrey Show. That is my favorite TV program on Metro TV. By watching this program, I can learn from other people in other countries about their culture, experience, and other aspects of life. Oprah Winfrey show can motivate us to do our best in our life.

Well, that’s why Metro TV with Oprah Winfrey Show become the most favorite TV channel and program in my life. What about you?


2 Tanggapan to “The Most Favorite TV Channel and Program”

  1. lastri said

    Hi… why don”t u try to watch BChannel tv on Channel 23 Uhf Jkt? It has good values, so different with others tv in Indonesia. 🙂

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