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The Women Soldier Role in United Nations Peacekeeping

Posted by Niyamabrata pada Juni 25, 2010

My 5th assignment : At least 120 words

United Nations (UN) peacekeeping is a dynamic instrument developed by the United Nations Organization as a way to help countries in conflict to create conditions for lasting peace. UN peacekeeping goals are mainly limited objectives to maintain a ceasefire and stabilize the situation on the ground, so that business can be done at the political level to resolve conflicts by peaceful means.

When Resolution 1325 passed in 2000, there appeared to be great momentum and support for institutionalizing greater participation of women in peacekeeping operations, and an understanding that women make a unique contribution in their ability to better help rape and sexual violence victims.

Peacekeeping is too important to be done by the Army. The soldier is the only one who can do it. Because peacekeeping can be brutal, combat training is very important. Peacekeeping should also be patient and peaceful. A few male military personnel often use violence in their work. As a result, the UN operation had been marred by aggressive behaviors that worsen tensions. Soldiers are also vulnerable to sexual violence against civilians with whom they come into contact. No Army is immune to this problem, experience has shown the British in Cyprus. Incidence of rape among U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan three times higher than expected among similarly sized communities in the house. This sort of sexual violence has undermined the UN peacekeeping operation. In more than one case, the incidents of rape and child abuse are so high that the official reports proved to be too sensitive to release. Equal concern is the increase of prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases. The number of prostitutes in Phnom Penh rose from 6000 to 20,000 while the UN presence. One participant states reported that 25 percent of the Army is HIV-positive. In Somalia, male soldiers caused considerable ill-feeling when they raided a local woman for weapons every time they entered the refugee camps. The UN is very worried about these problems above. The solution for these maybe simple: a woman soldier.

The UN has notable successes in recent years after each mission is always included more women peacekeepers. Women, apparently, are not only better able to control the violent tendencies, but also regarded as less of a threat by the local population, and therefore less likely to provoke violence. The women are better able to overcome the boredom that characterizes most peacekeeping operations. Evidence also shows that women peacekeepers are more willing than their male counterparts to seek understanding and reconciliation over differences of opinion. Thus they prove themselves the most effective negotiators. UN Operation showed additional benefit from the participation of women. Local women seem to have been inspired by the presence of UN peacekeepers women as role models, and, as a result, which is empowered to play a greater role in the politics of their community.

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